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Castle - Dragon Fire Carburetor and Choke Cleaner - 20 oz Aerosol
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C2002 Castle Products Castle
A complete cleaner for carburetors, automatic choke linkage, and PCV systems. Contains "Resi-Lube" for residual lubrication for all moving parts. Harmless to Oxygen Sensors.


  • Unique formulation of solvents and lubricants eliminates the two steps of cleaning then lubricants.
  • Also eliminates the need of two products.
  • Designed to remove gums and varnish while lubricating parts in on efficient step.
  • DRAGON FIRE contains "Resi-Lube", a chemical which lubricates all moving parts and helps to eliminate moisture between applications.
  • It is completely harmless to all oxygen sensor devices.
  • Extension tube included.
  • Excellent for moving varnish from Transmissions.

USES: *Carburetor * Linkage *To Free-up Heat Riser *Choke *PCV System *Small Parts Cleaner

1. Engine should be turned off and air cleaner removed.
2. Start engine and attach extension tube to valve button so that more parts of the carburetor can be reached.
3. Spray liberally.
4. Adjust air-fuel mixture.
5. Finish by cleaning outside of carburetor.

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