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  • Below is a list of the general product categories which we carry at Ken-Co.
  • To find specific products, please use our Product Search function.
5th Wheel Lube
A/C Gasket & O-Rings
A/C Retrofit Kits
Air Brake Antifreeze
Air Chucks & Parts
Air Filters
Air Fresheners
Air Line Hose & Fittings
Air Tool Oil
Alignment Products
All Thread Bolts
Anti Seize Compounds
Antifreeze Testers
Automotive Hardware (Grade 8)
Backing Plates
Ball Joints
Bathroom Tissue
Batteries (Flashlight)
Battery Brushes
Battery Cables
Battery Charge Clip
Battery Fillers
Battery Hold Down
Battery Nut & Bolt
Battery Terminals
Battery Tester
Bead Sealer
Belt Dressing
Bleeder Screws
Block Seal
Blow Guns
Bolt Bins
Bolts & Nuts
Booster Cables & Clamps
Brake Hardware
Brake Cables
Brake Cleaner
Brake Drums
Brake Fluid
Brake Lathes & Cutting Tips
Brake Lathe Accessories
Brake Line
Brake Line Adapters
Brake Line Armour
Brake Line Display
Brake Line Tube Nuts
Brake Lube
Brake Pads
Brake Rotors
Brake Shoes
Brake Silicone
Brass Barb & Fittings
Breather Element
Brighteyes Pro Glasses
Brooms & Brushes
Brush Wash Head
Buffing Stones
Buffing Wheel Arbor
Bug Deflectors
Bug Scrubber
Bulb Cabinet
Bungee Cord
C.V. Joint Banding
Cable Ties
Cage Nuts
Caliper Bolt & Sleeve
Car Wash Soap
Carb Cleaner
Carb Medic Spray
Carbide Cutter
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
Carriage Bolt
Catalytic Converter Plug
Chain Lubricant
Choke Pull Off
Chopper Handle
Chrome Wheel Nuts
Circuit Tester
Clamp (360 Degree)
Coil Steel
Compression Unions
Converter Flange
Copper Form A Gasket
Copper Lugs
Copper Tubing
Cord Reels
Core Housings
Corn Broom
Cotter Pin
Crankcase Vent Hose
Creepers & Wheels
Cut Off Wheel
Cutting Edge Tool
CV Joint Banding Tool
Deflating Nozzle
Defogger Repair Kit
Deodorant Block
Dielectric Silicone
Diesel Conditioner & Antigels
Diesel Injector Lube
Diesel Tone
Differential Plug
Dimmer Switch
Disc Brake Quiet
Distributor Caps & Rotors
Door Ease Lubricant
Door Handle Clips
Door Panel Clips
Door Pin & Bushings
Dos Perm Repair Plug
Drag Links
Drain Plugs & Gaskets
Drum Brake Hold Down Kits
Drum Brake Self Adjust Kits
Drum Silencer Band
Dual Foot Air Chuck & Gauges
Dual Tailpipe Adapter
Duct Hose
Duct Tape
Duraseal Connectors
E Clips
Leak Detector & Dyes
Efi Fuel Line Repair
Electric Parts Cleaner
Electrical Connectors
Electrical Tape
Emissions Kit
Engine Cleaner
Engine Enamel
Engine Mount
Engine Shampoo
Engine Stop Leak
Engine Struts
Ep Grease
Ester Oil
Exhaust Bracket
Exhaust Door Port
Exhaust Flange
Exhaust Gasket
Exhaust Hose
Exhaust Stud Kit
Extension Cords
Facial Tissue
Fender Cover
Fibre Gaskets
Flange Nuts
Flex Hose
Flex Line Clips
Floor Cleaner
Floor Mats (Carpeted)
Floor Squeegee
Flush Tee & Vee
Frey Lube
Front End Parts
Frost Plugs
Fuel Caps
Fuel Filters
Fuel Hoses
Fuel Injector Clamp
Fuel Injector Hose
Fuel Line
Fuel Line Clips
Fuel Line Repair
Fuel System Water Remover
Fuel Treatment
Fuses & Fuseholders
Fusible Link Wire
Garbage Bag
Garden Hose
Gas A-Freeze
Gas Pump Hose
Gas Stabilizer
Gasket Board
Gasket Maker
Gasket Remover
Gear Lube
Gear Oil Additive
Glass Cleaner
Glow Plug
Grease Cartridge
Grease Gun Coupler & Fittings
Hacksaw Frame&Blades
Halogen Bulb
Hand Cleaner
Handy Paks
Hanger Bearings
Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, Washers)
Headlight Adjuster
Heater Hose
Heater Motor
High Pressure Wash
Hitch Pin
Honda Power Steering Fluid
Hose Clamps & Racks
Hose Rack
Hose Repair Coupling
Parts Cleaner
Ice Scraper
Idler Arm
Ignition Cabinet
Ignition Coil
Ignition Wire
Injector Kleen
Injector Medic
Inline Filter
Instant Adhesive
Instant On Coupler
Ken Tool
Ken-Co Bin Box
Ken-Co Laundry Soap
Ken-Co Tire Repair Cab
Key Blanks
Key Cutting Equipment
Kimtowel Small
Latex Gloves
Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
Liquid Dish Soap
Liquid Rad Repair
Lith Ease White Lubricant
Lock De-Icer 4bx
Lock Ring Tool
Long Life Batt Protect
Loom Clamps
Lucas Oil Products
Lucas Wire Assort
Mark Crayon Holder
Marking Crayon
Masking Tape
Mechanic Wire
Metal Light Guard
Miniature Bulbs
Mop Handle
Motor Flush
Motor Medic Oil Supp
Motor Oil
Muffler Clamps
Multi Purpose Cleaner
Multi Weld
Nu-Power Eng Treatment
Nylon Drain Gasket
Nylon Fuel Line Hardware
Nylon Ties
Octane Plus
Odor Terminator
Oil Absorbent
Oil Can
Oil Filler Cap
Oil Filter
Oil Pan Plug
Oil Stabilizer
Oriface Tubes
P/S Stop Leak
Paper Towels
Paper Towel Dispensers
Parts Cleaning Brush
PCV Hose
PCV Tees
PCV Valves
Penetrating Fluid
Pick Up Coils
Pigtails & Sockets
Pipe Sealant W/Teflon
Plastic Pails
Platinum Spark Plug
Powdered Handcleaner
Power Steering Fluid
Power Supply
Pressure Tester
Primary Wire
Quick Connect Fittings
Quickset Epoxy
Rack & Pinion Fluid
Rad Caps
Rad Flushes & Sealers
Rad Stop Leak
Radial Tire Spreader
Radial Tubes
Radiator Filler
Rear End Trans Lube
Rear View Mirror Adhesive
Reclosable Bag
Repair Sealant
Repair Sockets
Rod Clips
Rod Style Brace
Roll Pin
Roloc Arbour
Rough Service Bulb
Round Tail Light
Rtv Silicone
Rubber Drain Plug
Rubber Hole Plug
Rubber Hose
Safety Shine
Safety Solvent
Sandpaper Sheets&Discs
Santoprene Connector
Scuff Disc & Arbors
Sealed Beams
Sending Unit Repair Line
Sheet Metal Screws
Shipping Tape
Shrink Tube
Signal Bell & Hose
Silencer Band
Sil-Glyde Lub Compound
Silicone Hose Clamp
Snap Rings
Snow Brush
Snow Plow Hd Hyd Fluid
Snowmobile Inj Oil
Sos Perm Repair Plug
Spark Plugs
Splash Guards
Split Backing Plate
Split Flanges
Split Loom
Spray Paint
Spray Undercoating
Spring Mounting Kit
Square Tail Light
Squeegie Blade
Stabilizer Kit
Stainless Steel Hardware
Starter Drives
Starting Fluid
Stop Smoke
Strip Aid
Suction Gun
Super Bonder Adhesive
Super W/Strip Adhesive
Sweeping Compound
Tailpipe Adapter
Tape On Wheel Weight
Teflon Tape
Thermostats & Gaskets
Tire & Vinyl Dressing
Tire Brushes
Tire Gauges
Tire Machine Booties
Tire Mount Compounds
Tire Repair&Accessories
Tire Soap
Tire Test Tank
Tire Tread Depth Gauge
Tire Valves
Towels (Paper)
Trailer Connectors
Trailer Converters
Trailer Hitches
Transmission Filter Kit
Transmission Hose
Transmission Mounts
Transponder Keys
Transponder Key Coder
Tri Cutting Edge Tool
Trigger Sprayer
Trim Panel Clips
Trim Screws
Trouble Lights & Parts
Truck Wash Brush
Tube Nuts
Tune Up Concentrate
Universal Spiral Boot
Upholstery Cleaner
Urathane Spray
Urinal Puck
Utility Funnels
Vacuum Caps
Vacuum Hose
Vacuum Reducers&Tees
Vacuum Tees
Valve Caps
Valve Core Extractor
Valve Cores
Valve Cover Gaskets
Valve Ext Metal Insert
Valve Fishing Tool
Valve Medic
Valve Stems
Valve Tools
Vinyl Dressing
Viton O-Rings
Voltage Regulators
W Body Friction Block
W/Shield Washer Fluid
Wash & Wax
Wash Mitts
Washer Pumps
Watersprite Chamois
Weatherstrip Cement
Wet Mops
Wheel Bearing Grease
Wheel Cleaner
Wheel Cylinder
Wheel Nuts
Wheel Seals
Wheel Shims
Wheel Weight Cabinet
Wheel Weight Pliers
Wheel Weights
White Grease
White Wall Cleaner
Window Squeegee
Wing Nuts & Studs
Wiper Arm Hose
Wiper Blades
Wire Brushes
Wire Dryer
Wire (Primary, Trailer)
Wire Sets
Wire Strippers

Popular Product Categories

Brake Fluid
Brake Lines - British
Brake Lines - Coil
Brake Lines - Hydraulic
Brake Lines - Master Cylinder Adapter
Brake Lines - Metric
Brake Shoes

Brake Drums

Brake Pads

Brake Rotors

Hardware - Brake Line


Door Hinge Pins

Electrical Connectors
Electrical Flasher
Electrical - Halogen Bulbs
Electrical Ignition
Electrical - Ignition Caps and Rotors
Electrical - Miniature Bulbs
Electrical Terminals

Electrical Horns

Electrical - Ignition Wire Sets
Electrical - Ignition Wires

Exhaust Manifold Repair Kit
(Upper Plenum and Lower Intake Repair Kit)

  Exhaust Manifolds
  Exhaust Parts

Filters- Air
Filters - Air Breather
Filters - Fuel
Filters - Oil

  Front End Parts

Fuel Lines - Steel to Nylon Adapter
Fuel Lines - Repair - Nylon Quick-Connect
Fuel Lines - Steel
Lines - Fuel Sending Unit Repair
Lines - Transmission and Fuel

Gunk Products

  Hand Cleaners

Hardware - Connectors - Fuel/Oil Line
Hardware -Connectors - Heater Hose Coolant Line
Hardware - Fuel Line

Headlamp Cleaner

Hinge Pin

Hose Clamps

Hoses, Hardware and Adapters


  Ken-Co Chemicals

Keys - Blanks, Transponders and Adapters


  Oil Filler Cap

  PCV Valve

Radiator Cap

  Sandpaper and Grinding Discs

Shop Supplies - Brooms and Brushes
Shop Supplies - Chemicals
Shop Supplies - Paper Products
Shop Supplies - Permatex
Shop Supplies - Squeegee
Shop Supplies - Testers

Spark Plugs


Tire Repair

Tire Repair Chemicals

Tire Repair Tools and Hardware

  Transmission Filters and Parts

Universal Joints

Wheel Weights

Wiper Blades

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