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Code Cutter - Exacta MK1


  • Appropriately named, Exacta machines make keys like factory originals.
  • Hand operated with no pattern key needed, the Exacta originates keys by code to factory depths and spacing.
  • The MK1 is engineered for automotive type keys.


  • Is a portable hand operated key machine specifically designed and engineered to originate keys by code numbers without electrical power.
  • It will cut a key by number, according to the manufacturer’s depths and spacing; a pattern key is not needed since this is not a key duplicator.
  • To produce an operating key, a code number is needed; this can be on the “Key Codes” chart and will reveal actual cuts of the key.
  • This machine is made with generalized features due to the fact that parts needed to produce cuts are designed specifically for one brand of key; therefore, to cut a certain brand of key, the parts specifically made for that brand of key must be installed into the Exacta.

MK1 Adapters

MK1CHAE MK1 Adapter - Chrysler
MK1CHM MK1 Adapter - Upgrade Kit
MK1FOA96 MK1 Adapter - Ford
MK1FOAE MK1 Adapter - Ford
MK1GMAE MK1 Adapter - General Motors
MK1GMAE94 MK1 Adapter - General Motors
MK1HOAE MK1 Adapter - Honda, Acura
MK1RAMAE MK1 Adapter - Ford, Cargo, Ram
MKACHAE93 MK1 Adapter - Chrysler

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