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Transponder - Encoder


  • The RW2 is a tool for duplicating a variety of transponder keys. 
  • It will read the electronic code of a transponder key and duplicate that code onto another key blank. 
  • This allows the creation of an unlimited number of keys for a vehicle, despite the fact that the Engine Management System on these vehicles are often limited to four to ten transponder key codes in their memory. 
  • On the vehicles with a limited set of preprogrammed codes, this will be the only way to create extra keys. 
  • A transponder code can also be entered from the keyboard of the RW2 and placed onto a key blank. 
  • The mechanical cuts of the key can be made on a standard Ilco key machine. 
  • The vehicle does not need to be present when the key is generated or duplicated with the RW2.


  • Detects and identifies transponder keys as well as allowing for duplication of transponder keys.
  • Mechanical cuts of the keys can be made by standard Ilco key machines.
  • Vehicle need not be present when key is being generated or duplicated.
  • Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of keys for a vehicle, despite the fact that the EMS on these vehicles are often limited to 4-10 transponder key codes in their memory

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that the RW2 will not be obsolete in the near future?
  • Transponder systems will continue to change and some may evolve to a technology that the RW2 is unable to duplicate. 
  • However, as manufacturers it is in our best interest to evolve our products with the technology. 
  • The RW2 is easily updated with a disk; as the need arises, we will provide updates. 
  • Ilco has been working with transponder technology for a number of years and we will aggressively seek solutions for servicing this market.
Can a transponder key be both duplicated on the RW2 and added to the car with onboard programming?
  • Presently, a transponder system is either onboard programming or a closed system, with the exception of GM. 
  • GM keys can be programmed to the car or duplicated on the RW2. 
  • Pre-programmed keys for onboard programming and blank transponder keys for use with the RW2 will have different references. 
  • The Ilco Reference for onboard programming will end in PT and the RW2 version will end in T5. 
  • Onboard programming systems allow the addition of keys by inserting the key in the ignition. 
  • Closed systems require special equipment such as the RW2 for adding working keys or duplication.
What is the advantage of purchasing the optional software for the RW2?
  • The optional software allows enhanced archiving of customer data. 
  • The stand alone RW2 will memorize a transponder code, but you need to keep a log to know the vehicle that the code belongs to. 
  • The RW2 automatically sets up a file for the customer including the date and transponder code (when used with the software package). 
  • The only data that needs to be entered is the customer name and vehicle V.I.N.
What are the main advantages of purchasing the RW2 over a competitive unit?
  • The RW2 allows stand-alone archiving, it has a keyboard for carrying out various functions, and it is equipped with a rechargeable battery for independent use of a power source.
What is the purpose of the numbers and letters on the keypad of the RW2?
  • The numbers and letters allow entering of the transponder code. 
  • This is a function for generating a key by the transponder code. 
  • In this case, there is no need for the original key to be present; you simply enter the code and insert a blank transponder key. 
  • This code will be in a customer archive if the key was copied or identified in the past on the RW2.
What is the 3.5-inch floppy computer transfer disk in the RW2 for?
  • The disk included contains the program required for running the stand alone RW2. 
  • The transfer disk would be used to reload the program if it were ever zeroed out. 
  • In addition, future updates for the stand-alone version will come in this form. 
  • By simply attaching the RW2 to a computer with a serial cable and typing 
  • Transfer at the A: in DOS, you will update or reload the program. 
  • This disk is not the optional software.
What is the RW2 agreement for and what should I do with it?
  • This agreement is to authorize an individual as the owner of the machine and ensure that they have read the details of the agreement. 
  • Ilco uses this agreement to identify the individual password for each machine. The agreement should be faxed/mailed to Ilco. 
  • We will immediately provide a password. 
  • In the future, Ilco can identify all the RW2 owners and their password very easily. 
  • We can also use this database for providing important information with mailings directly to RW2 owners.
Why does the RW2 have a password?
  • The password is provided for security. 
  • A machine owner may not want every individual to the RW2 to be able to use the machine. 
  • The machine will not operate without a password entered every time the machine is powered up. 
  • In the case of theft, the machine would be useless and we will know immediately when someone requests a password that has been used previously. 
  • We will also call the machine owner to verify the password is being provided to an authorized individual.
Will Ilco release a T5/RW2 version of GM keys?
  • This will depend on the changes in the market. 
  • The stand-alone may not need frequent updates because the program is not vehicle model sensitive. 
  • It simply recognizes the type of chip and emulates this information to a blank T5 chip. 
  • On the other hand, if the RW2 is being used in conjunction with the software package, it will be critical to have updates. 
  • The correct key is selected by choosing a vehicle manufacturer model and year.
How often will there be updates for my RW2 and RW2 software?
  • Updates can be expected at least one time per year.
Why canít I write on an original key with my RW2?
  • The original key contains a read only chip. 
  • The RW2 can only read the code and copy it to a read/write blank transponder key.
Why canít the RW2 duplicated Ford and Chrysler transponder keys?
  • These manufacturers use Texas Instruments transponders. 
  • TI has a patent on the technology, which prohibits duplication of the code. 
  • Nevertheless, keys can be added to the vehicle using on-board programming.
Why canít the rolling code system (BMW/Mercedes) or Encrypted immobolizer systems be duplicated on the RW2?
  • Both systems use a special technology that hides the actual code required for the Engine Control Module to allow the vehicle to start. 
  • The ECM will not recognize the code we are able to read and/or transfer to the blank key as the correct code.

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