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Transponder - Detector


  • This hand held unit detects transponders that are concealed in keys for modern electromechanical locking systems.
  • It takes only a second to confirm the presence of a transponder in a key and indicate the transponder type.
  • Transponder detector TD3A is compact, easy to carry, and includes a 9-volt battery


  • Latest evolution in transponder technology that will avoid the duplication of keys that will not work.
  • The TD3A automatically detects the presence of a transponder in any key it tests. 
  • Many transponder equipped keys look identical to non-transponder keys which therefore makes it difficult to see any visible difference between them. 
  • Without the TD3A you can make the mistake of duplicating a key that will operate the mechanical lock but will not start the vehicle. 
  • To prevent loss of customer goodwill and a key blank, the process is made simple. 
  • By positioning a sample key and pressing the test button, the TD3A will automatically check the key. 
  • A green LED tells you the detector is working, even if there is no transponder in the sample key. 
  • A red LED will light up if a transponder is identified and working properly. 
  • The TD3A detects Megamos, Texas Instruments, Motorola, Temic, and Ilco Unicanís neutral T5.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that transponder technology will be around for a while?
  • Transponder systems have been in use in Europe for over five years and in the United States for over four years. 
  • Insurance companies initiated the change and with the high success rates against stolen vehicles, this system has been viewed as very effective. 
  • The system is far more secure and desired than VATS, which is evident by the number of models and manufacturers that have adopted transponder technology.
Will all transponder systems in the future change to rolling code?
  • Europe has been at the leading edge of transponder technology. The United States seems to be following by 12-18 months. 
  • Based on trends in Europe, the only manufacturers using this technology are Mercedes and BMW. This is the same situation in the United States. 
  • There is no guarantee, but it is not an immediate issue.
Why is the TD3A an important tool for transponder servicing?
  • Many vehicles have switched to transponder systems, but it is not always obvious if an original key contains a transponder. 
  • As a result, transponder keys are being duplicated on non-transponder blanks. 
  • These keys will not work and waste both your time and your customers. 
  • Searching an application chart may not help to determine if a transponder system is present because it may be an option for that particular vehicle. 
  • The TD3A is a quick and easy method for identifying if the original or the blank selected to duplicate have a transponder in the head of the key.
Why does my TD3A give an incorrect type of chip reading if the key is placed in the device down?
  • The orientation of the transponder is critical and if it is not located in the normal position the TD3A may pick up an incorrect reading.

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